Unbelievable way to reuse dryfriut boxes- DIY handmade Antique Jewelry / gift box.

Unbelievable way to reuse dryfriut boxes- DIY handmade Antique Jewelry / gift box.

Are you looking to gift anything special to your loved ones which is handmade? Or you want to make something and gift it to your loved ones. There are many occasions such as birthday party, anniversary, weddings, festivals, house warming ceremony etc; at those time you feel confused about gift selection. No worries I have a very special and creative DIY gift/jewelry box idea that you can definitely make with the material that are easily available at home.

DIY handmade Antique Jewelry / gift box making at home

Hello and welcome back to Handmade home decor ideas. I made an antique gift box/ jewelry box and this is one of my favorite crafts till now. This is very easy to make and it adds a vintage look on your dressing table. Jewelry boxes are thoughtful gifts for women and girls. If you are thinking of giving something handmade to your close one, this gift box would be the perfect option that you should definitely try. It can be one an uncommon gift for women and girls. I have given you an idea in my tutorial about how you can make this antique box. 

My blog is about home decorating ideas, home renovating ideas and home makeover. Through my articles you will learn home décor ideas with very simple steps by using the material which is already available at home or easily accessible in market.  If you love to decorate your home then I have so many ideas for you that will surely help you to make décor for your home. Such as Wall hanging craft, best out of waste craft, CDs craft, cardboard craft, plate painting, pot painting, bottle art, wall décor, plastic bottle craft, mandala art, warli art, Fevicryl mouldit craft, wall décor, Lippan art, mirror work wall décor, art and craft and DIY projects.

Material used Antique Jewelry / gift box.:

 – Tissue paper

 – Glue

– Fevicryl mouldit clay

– Acrylic colors

 – 3D outliner

Step 1:

I had this waste dry fruit box which I have up-cycled to make beautiful and attractive jewelry organizer. I really love to DIY things and make it useful rather than throwing it. This dry fruit box was tough and beautiful from inside, so I thought to make jewelry organizer out of it. I wanted to make it more attractive with some vintage look. I decided to give it an antique look and started to gather the supplies needed for it. And using only few materials I made the box look completely marvelous.

The box was covered with very thin layer of plastic like every other box does. I didn’t remove that layer of plastic because I thought it might damage the texture of the box.  Acrylic paint will strip off of a plastic item if it doesn’t adhere properly. The reason is that acrylic paint is not made for use on plastic materials. So I just covered the box with tissue paper using fevicol and colored it later.

Step 2:

I had this big glass marble pebble stone which I wanted to use it somewhere in my project. When it comes to the antique gift/jewelry box I thought, using this glass marble pebble stone the box gets actual antique and rich look.   I pasted this glass marble pebble stone in the center of the box.

Step 3:

I have used Fevicryl mouldit clay to make designs. Read the instructions mentioned on the pack properly before kneading the dough. Take both packs from fevicryl mouldit, Resin Base and Hardener. Mix them to form even dough. Care should be taken to avoid mixing the Resin Base and Hardener in unequal proportions, as it will result in improper curing and hardening. Apply oil on your hands before kneading the dough. Once your dough is ready, take a small portion of dough and roll it between your palms to form different shapes as per your choice.

Why Fevicryl Mouldit clay?

· There are many things that can be made from air dry clay. Fevicryl Mouldit is the best option for beginners who wants to make decorative items using air dry clay. Fevicryl Mouldit clay is used to mould and create shapes and 3D works of all types of art work such as wall hangings, jewelry, statues, and decorative things and highly use in DIY craft projects etc.

· The most important benefit is Fevicryl mouldit clay come with Strong Resin Base – Fevicryl Mouldit comes with a strong art resin epoxy mould base & hardener,  both the ingredients need to be mixed together to get a solid solution. By mixing them nicely, you can make anything you want.

·  Make any craft – The fevicryl mouldit craft is very versatile DIY craft material. This mouldit clay is ideal for doing verity of projects that range from tiny jewelry to large decors.

·  The best part is it is Non-sticky nature – You can make anything from this clay very easily, as this product is not sticky in nature. It is also soft and bendable, so it becomes easier to mould as per your preference and liking.

Step 4:

Roll the clay between your palms and make designs. Stick the designs with glue.

Step 5:

I wanted to highlight all corners of the box with a light and delicate design, so I have used a 3d outliner to draw the design. Draw beautiful patterns and let it dry completely.

What is 3d outliner?

Fevicryl 3D Outliners are wash proof and quick drying. Available in vibrant colors, use the outliners to trace or outline designs or to fill in color. Long narrow nozzle allows for superb outlining and raised patterns.

With 3d outliner you can create patterns to highlight designs painted on any surface. These 3d outliners are perfect to create beautiful outlines on glass, fabric, paper and wood and clay pot.

 You can also make these outliners at home. I have posted tutorial of how to make 3d outliners at home. You should definitely read that article if you want to try to make it at home.

In this project I have used Fevicryl 3d outliners.

Here are some advantages of Fevicryl 3d outliners.

  • Non-Hazardous and harmless– The best part is kids also can use these 3d outliners for their art project or to make any craft because fevicryl 3D Outliners are non-toxic and safe for children. Anyone can use these outliners.
  • Easy to apply & dries easily – The best part of using fevicryl 3d outliner is it easy to use, dries quickly and water-resistant. Fevicryl 3d outliners are available in every color. These 3d outliners are designed in such a way so that long narrow nozzle helps to draw patters and outline with very fine touch.
  • Can be used on any surface – 3d Outliners are very useful if you want to create patterns on any surface. You can use these 3d outliners on any surface such as glass, fabric, paper, wood, and marbles or on clay pots etc.

Makes your project a masterwork- It doesn’t matter whether you are crafty professional or using it for the very first time, you can bring a new life to any object by just using 3d outliners by decorating it. You can make any surface your masterpiece whether it is canvas, fabric, clay pots, terracotta, wooden vase or anything.

Step 6:

Let all your work dry completely.       

Step 7:

Once it dries, apply color on it. Now its completely your choice to choose the colors. I have used a turtle green color

Step 8:

I have used a golden color to highlight the design. Use a sponge to apply the golden color.  It just gave the design a wonderful shine and now they look completely made of gold

Step 9:

Everyone needs an extra organizer space in their life to make any scattered surface look more organized and pulled together in an instant. Plus, they’re a perfect gift for that special someone who loves to collect her favorite things such as jewelry.

I love making this antique jewelry/gift box and it turned out to be a pretty cool and well-designed decor piece. So friends do like and comment if you like this tutorial.

Thank you!

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